Feel free to download our useful software - freeware from www.gaenssle,de
Just download, unpack, install by clicking to setup.exe and enjoy! It is useful and for free!

1. PicSoft, very useful for scanning and reading a lot of different kinds of grafic files. Filesize and quality can be previewed and scaled through a slider before saving.
Turns your scanner and printer into a color copy machine
Picture of PicSoft | German description | Freeware Download here: PicPack.zip (4,72 MB)
Programmers can get it as (*.dll) component on demand.

2. How to insert all the filenames of a directory as text into the clipboard or to into a text file?
solves the problem Picture of DirToClip
Freeware Download here: DirToClp.zip (1,93 MB).

3. Import.exe, Version 2012 1. This is a patch for our German ZylinderSoft customers.
Customers service

4. How to display 50.000 or more files of different kinds of grafic files by clicking just one Button?
You can not only display, you can even copy them all and convert the copies to JPG if Option Button is pressed!
PiConvert, displays and converts to JPG.
Actually supportet file formats: cmp pcd bmp tga eps rel pcx dcx cal vst vda wpg hex raw pct
cur mac wmf icb dib ibm ica cmp tiff rle

Picture of PiConvert. Details on demand