The advantage of calculating cams with KnockSoft

KnockSoft is a pure scientific software based on fundamental egineering knowledge. We exactly know the mathematical formulas, that this fantastic software is made from, because we have found them out all on our own and then programmed it ourself. Therefore we know the performance of KnockSoft and even know as well, what it is not able to perform. The mathematical background of KnockSoft is a completely new development and not at all the cover version of well known solutions. Comparisions of our calculating results have prooved that we are caclulating the less as successfull as the best racing engineers of the world. We do not perform secret miracles or play secret super tricks on cams profile. KnockSoft supplies  a mathematically smooth profile. Our customer gets scientifically foundet "bomb proof" results in his own hand.

You get these results as a customized file by which you or any manufacturer of your choice can make your optimized cam.
When you come with us, you choose the scientifical way of making cams!
When your cams profile is calculated by KnockSoft by Gaenssle you can be absolutely shure to have the very best profile!