Impressive and convincing results from the dyno
Comparision before without and after within KnockSoft
When exploring our web sites about calculation of cams you may think "it's all just theory".
You would rather like to see real results. Here they are!
The example below is just one of many.
Original print out from the dyno.
When you are familiar with these diagrams you see at once how amazing these results are.!

Our customer charged an independent company to run his engine on the dyno.
Test 199 was performed with the - until then - best performing engine of our customer.
Only the camshaft was replaced by the one calculated by KnockSoft before running the next test 200.
They just dropped it in. Nothing else had been changed.

Details about the diagram above
This test was performed on an 6 - cylinder engine of a sports car of the late fifties. Our customer is an experienced professional who is  tuning those engines at high technical level.

Problems to be solved
Excessive wear of cams
The aimed engine speed was 7000 revs/min
Power and torque fading extremly at high revs.

The problems were solved that easily
1. Customer finds information about KnockSoft camshaft calculation.
2. Customer loads down free available informations from www.gaenssle.de.
3. Clearing details on the phone.
4. Customer fills in the 2 sheets he found on our web site in the file NocBlatt_E.zip (view part "Info Download") and emails them to www.ganssle.de
5. Customer gets an offer by email.
6. Customer orders by email.
7. We calculate his cam by KnockSoft.
8. Customer pays the bill.
9. The KnockSoft file is sent to the customer by email attachement.
10. Customer sends his KnockSoft file and an old worn cam as a sample to a cam manufacturer of his choice.
11. The cam is made.
12. After getting his new cam our customer runs it immediately on the dyno without any examinations before and compares it with his best until then existing solution.

Remark: filling in the 2 sheets mentioned above may be done as well by www.gaenssle.de when charged.

No excessive wear recognizable any more
No more fading of torque and power. In addition still more torque and power in the interesting engine speed area.
These excellent results were achieved with comparatively easily to measure basical engine data like valve spring strength, weights, max. revs a.s.o.

Direct succeess by scientific calculations without abundant testing.